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Alabama has set November 3rd 2016 as the execution date for Thomas Arthur.


Thomas Arthur           November 3rd


Please contact Governor Robert Bentley and ask him to stay this execution


600 Dexter Ave
MONTGOMERY, AL 36130 2751 
PHONE 1-334-242-7100
FAX: 1-334-242-3282
Email: http://governor.alabama.gov/contact/

Talking Points for Thomas Arthur

1. The court stayed an earlier execution date for Mr. Arthur in 2008 after another person, Bobby Ray Gilbert, confessed that he had committed the crime that sent Mr. Arthur to death row.

2. The Jefferson County Circuit Court then ordered DNA testing of physical evidence that could link Gilbert to the offense, but state officials testified that the DNA sample was destroyed in 1982 based on the advice of prosecutors.

3. Can Alabama afford to run the risk of executing an innocent man?

4. Witnesses at the execution of Eddie Powell noted visible signs of distress, yet nothing has changed in the execution protocol. Expert testimonies from the medical field, as well as from the pharmaceutical maker of the drug state unequivocally that pentobarbital is not effective as an execution drug.

5. Alabama has no clear and carefully documented execution protocols.


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