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Judy Collins on Behalf of Derrick Mason

Dear Governor Bentley

I write you with an urgent plea--please delay the September 22nd execution date for Derrick O’Neal Mason.

As you know, DerrickMason’s case has some of the same legal issues which will be argued before the U. S. Supreme Court on October 4th regarding Alabamian Cory Maples’ case. Surely we must not hasten to kill someone when there is the possibility new light will be shed on his case through federal litigation regarding another case.

Additionally I must add that, while opposing all killing, I am particularly concerned that with the current drugs being used we may be executing people in a torturous manner during which they are consciously experiencing excruciating pain. I understand Eddie Powell was visibly in distress during the last execution. Are we continuing to use pentobarbital as one of the drugs? As you surely know the pharmaceutical maker of the drug agrees with others from your own 
medical field that it is not effective as an execution drug.

Please, Doctor, who can help heal this state, please, Governor, top political authority in this state, use your wisdom; at least delay the scheduled execution of Derrick Mason.


Judy Collins