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Attorney Jack Carney on behalf of Derrick Mason

Dear Governor Bentley:


The purpose of this letter is to request you commute the death sentence of Derrick Mason, which is currently scheduled for September 22, 2011.  If you deny this commutation request, then I hope you would consider delaying the execution to allow for a moratorium to study the application of the death penalty in our State.  This penalty is the most severe punishment administered and even the allegations of impropriety and racial bias (which have been made by many reputable individuals and agencies) should be a sufficient reason to call time out and conduct an in depth study of the penalty. 


On a personal level, I was disturbed to hear that the State’s last victim, Mr. Eddie Powell, appeared to experience pain during the administration of his lethal injection.  The mere possibility of a painful death is horrifying and for me would be reason enough to halt this practice.   


In our society we can protect our people without the death penalty, which is why I believe it is morally wrong.  I ask that you truly reflect on your true reasons for upholding these death sentences.  If you are doing so because of fear of political reprisal, then I cannot think of many things that are more evil. 


As always, I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will work in your heart and change your attitude about the death penalty.


Very truly yours,



Jack T. Carney

Birmingham, Alabama  35243