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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.19.14

          Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.19.2014.

The meeting began with an update on HB 379, Alabama’s bill to keep the drug manufacturers and the names of executioners’ secret, which is on the agenda of the Senate Health Committee today. We sent out an appeal asking people to call their senator if he/she is on the Senate Health Committee and thank all who did so.


 We were not too surprised to learn that it had been filed at the request of the Attorney General. In line with this thinking, we were also not surprised that the Alabama Department of Corrections has not so far complied with the request by the Anniston Star made more than two weeks ago for receipts of the drug and record of payment to medical professionals who participated in executions or volunteers who did the same. Apparently there are other requests ahead of this one!

 We will be watching OK which is out of drugs and had to reschedule an execution originally set for tomorrow! The cynical email exchanges between OK officials and their counterpart in TX to procure drugs make for chilling reading! Disgusting is putting it mildly!

On a more pleasant note we appreciate the positive feedback received on our newsletter Wings of Hope. A lot of work goes into the finished product and so we do appreciate when we hear from you that you liked it.


We also want to give heads up to Sharon Denham. Not only did her Prison Ministry conference receive a very nice write-up, but we thank her for raising the concern of the death penalty and the death penalty bills with a State Representative who was receptive.

As some of our supporters may know, we receive a small grant from RESIST, and have now for a number of years. We are pleased to report that the six months update has been submitted, which makes us eligible to reapply in the fall. RESIST supports small diverse, self-help groups, categories which apply to us. We are grateful to RESIST as we are to all who help us to keep Hope alive and allow us to Be the Other Voice.

See you next week!