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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.4.15

               Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.4.2015.

“Will we be agents for justice and change or silent accomplices? Will we be advocates for those we deem worthy of salvation or tireless laborers for the abolition of a practice that dehumanizes us all? Only time can tell -- but as the urgency of Kelly Gissendanner's fate reminds us, the time for change is now.” A quote from the Huffington Post written hours before Gissendanner received her second stay. We see this theme repeated around the country by several legislatures, Arkansas, Montana and Virginia among them. This week our legislative session began and although it may appear as though our state swims in a sea of negativity, here too there are “tireless laborers” who understand that the time for change is now. We thank them.

Some of our tireless laborers do not live in Alabama. We have told you about them and at the end of last week one of them, our friend Annabelle of Paris connected and promoted us with a French filmmaker who had filmed in Texas. We regretted that we could not follow through on this due to regulations, but very much appreciated the vote of confidence in us given by the recommendation.

We have been busy recruiting new members for phadp and reaching out to former members inviting them to return. Death row has its own particular stressors whether due to legal developments in our case or due to family issues which can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. Sometimes we deal with that by withdrawing. We understand that all too well and so the door does not get slammed shut on those who need a break.

And the newsletter was mailed yesterday! Thank you to all who wrote and then edited, typed and formatted Wings of Hope.

See you next week!