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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.25.15

               Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.25.2015.

The Alabama Attorney General's Office also has "conceded that the best course of action is to stay decisions on the lethal injection cases across the board until Glossip is decided," Watkins writes in his order to stay decisions on the lethal injection cases across the board until Glossip is decided." This is a direct quote although it must be pointed out that some of what passes for news has appeared to be contradictory on the stay for Gregory Hunt, Christopher Brooks and Robin Meyer. What is not contradictory is that these 3 dates should not have been set to begin with because of the pending hearings.

The men who had the dates and we of phadp appreciated all the support received, and would like in particular to say thank you to our Canadian Advisory Board Member, Louis Richard and to our dear Francophones who had the templates for letters to the Governor ready to go if needed.

A big thank you and much appreciation also to our friend and supporter Sharon S. Denham, Murder Victims’ Family Member who wrote to her Senator asking him not to support S.B. 11. We have repeatedly mentioned the increasingly important national role that conservatives are playing in the struggle for abolition. Sharon is a Republican and it is way past time for all of us to stop writing people off because of their political affiliation. We don’t like to be put in a box, so please let’s stop discounting individuals because they don’t think exactly the way we do. In many ways their voice is more compelling than ours. Thank you Sharon for repeatedly lifting yours on our behalf!

And finally another first at least as far as we can remember: Attorney Kacy L. Keeton, Assistant Federal Defender started a petition for Robin Meyers, one of her clients at Holman. We thank all who have already signed and we are pleased to say that it took off right away. If you haven’t signed it yet, I know you will want to do so once you read what Attorney Keeton wrote. Mentally disabled, jury override, most probably innocent, need we say more? https://www.change.org/p/robert-bentley-barack-obama-grant-clemency-to-robin-myers-and-change-his-sentence-from-death-to-life-without-the-possibility-of-parole

Many of you may not know just how much we love our Federal Defenders, Middle District of Alabama who represent some of us here on death row. So when you sign the above petition consider this a small sign of appreciation for all they do for us here at Holman. And please don’t forget to visit their brand new face book page Alabama Post-Conviction Relief Project and like it.

And finally here is another very good piece of news: Compound Pharmacists Trade Group Discourages Supplying Execution Meds and the American Pharmacists Association will also consider adopting a similar position at a meeting that begins later this week.

See you next week!