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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 10.14.15

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 10.14.2015

Last week there was a positive ruling from the court saying “no” to midazolam as a single drug and to alternate methods of execution like hanging or the firing squad. To quote from the editorial “Saying “no” to more executions” in the Anniston Star: “Watkins, wisely, said no to all of that. There’s much to sort out — legally, medically, politically — before executions should resume. And once death-row inmates are executed, it’s too late to consider any of these important legal and ethical questions.” U.S. Federal District Court Judge Keith Watkins also ordered the five inmates' lawsuits be consolidated into what he calls the "Midazolam Litigation" and set a status conference for Nov. 4 to consider several issues in the case.

Usually on facebook we stick to death penalty related material but we couldn’t help posting the article by John Archibald entitled “Has Alabama changed where it really matters.” We quoted from the article: “When we do make change in Alabama, to recognize human rights or civil rights or equality of all people, it inevitably comes from outside pressure, the humiliation in the business community or the gavel of a federal judge. “ We couldn’t agree more and that is why our friends and supporters both here and in Europe write the business community. We can’t thank them enough! And yes, we look for positive rulings from federal judges.

We are also hopeful that the Florida case regarding the role of the jury which was argued on Monday before the U.S. Supreme Court could bring about major changes also in our state, possibly finding our whole capital punishment system unconstitutional. We live in hope! EJUSA wrote :” Amicus briefs by the ACLU in support of Hurst and by Alabama and Montana in support of Florida address the issue of whether judges should be permitted to impose death sentences at all, under the Eighth Amendment. They also look at whether a jury’s recommendation of the death penalty must be unanimous. It remains to be seen whether the Court decides to tackle these additional questions.”

Christmas is not exactly around the corner but our Board is looking ahead and is organizing a Christmas card competition at Holman. We will be awarding prizes to the first, second and third place winners. There are some good artists at Holman and so we are looking forward to the entries.
See you next week!