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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman, 12.9.15

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 12.9.2015

At this point the execution date for Christopher Brooks remains active and we have sent out an Execution Alert asking all to contact Governor Bentley to ask for a stay. We thank all who have shared the petition for Christopher Brooks and all those who have already contacted the Governor. The petition is up on our website as well as on our face book page. On our website you can find it under Execution Alerts and on face book it is anchored on our page. Thank you also to the Francophiles who have shared the petition in French on face book. And thank you Louis for creating the template!

 A motion was filed last week by Brook’s attorney asking Judge Keith Watkins to stay the execution so that Brook’s case can receive a final hearing with the other five plaintiffs scheduled for April 19th, challenging Alabama’s method of execution. At issue is the use of the drug midazolam as part of the drug combination. Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s office filed a motion to approve a one drug protocol, midazolam as the other drugs used are not available. The A.G.’s office has until 12.11 to respond to Brook’s emergency motion to stay his execution and has said that it will oppose a stay.
To complicate matters, and “based on a previous U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in order to prevail on an Eighth Amendment method-of-execution claims of cruel and unusual punishment, inmates must name an alternative to the current method that is "feasible, readily implemented" and significantly reduces a substantial risk of severe pain.
When Brooks filed his lawsuit he listed three lethal injection alternatives - two of which the state says it can no longer get. The third was the single dose of midazolam. After other inmates also suggested a single-dose of midazolam as an alternative, the AG's office called their bluff and agreed for just their executions.”

Our Christmas edition of our newsletter Wings of Hope is up on our website, as well as on our facebook page. Thank you, Brandon! In it you will also find a contribution by our Student Rep. Petra Jackson, which the Board loved and you have to read it to find out why! The hard copy will go out in the mail today.

And finally our Advisory Board Member Louis Richard organized Christmas cards for the men at Holman. You can find it on our face book page as well as on our website http://phadp.org/?q=node/553  with names and addresses to help you bring some Christmas cheer to our friends at Holman Prison. Thank you!

See you next week!