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December 14, 2015


Senator Cam Ward




Senate Judiciary Committee


201 1st St. N.


Alabaster, AL 35007




Dear Senator Ward,




Please work with Governor Bentley to stay the January 21 execution of Christopher Brooks.




Mr. Brooks is a part of a final evidentiary hearing with five other plaintiffs scheduled for April 19 with U.S. District Judge Keith Watkins, challenging the use of midazolam as part of the drug combination. If his name is associated with five other individuals and it is, he has a legal right to be present for the hearing.




Midazolam is not a drug that we should be using to kill people. A year ago in Arizona, Joseph Wood’s execution reverted into a cruel and unusual two hour killing of him. This "piece of trash" drug didn’t work. Mr. Wood was first injected with 50 mg of the drug at 1:53 local time. It didn’t kill him. At 2:09, he was again injected with 50mg and again it didn’t work; the prison officials injected him 13 more times, and he was pronounced dead after the 15th injection, approximately two hours after the first injection. During that 2-hour time frame, witnesses said they saw him gulp and gasp in pain more than 600 times. Mr. Wood was tortured. Why do we want to do that to Mr. Brooks or anyone for that matter?




Assistant Federal defender John Palombi said, "Alabama has not yet carried out an execution using midazolan in either a one-drug or a three-drug protocol. The time to evaluate whether such a protocol creates an unreasonable risk of severe pain is not after an execution using a new protocol, but before."




Why do we want to use a drug that we don’t know who made it or where it came from? Why do we want to treat anyone like Joseph Wood? Why do we kill someone to see if the drug works? That is wrong and we must stop doing wrong "stuff."




Please, work with Governor Bentley and stay Mr. Brook’s execution. It is the "right" approach for all involved.




Thank you for your efforts.












Sam L. Sullins




Huntsville, AL 35802