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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 12.16.15.

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 12.16.2015

At this point the execution date for Christopher Brooks remains active and we have sent out an Execution Alert asking all to contact Governor Bentley to ask for a stay. We thank all who have shared the petition for Christopher Brooks and all those who have already contacted the Governor. The petition is up on our website as well as on our face book page. On our website you can find it under Execution Alerts, and on face book it is anchored on our page. The Alabama Supreme Court denied the request for a stay and Federal District Court Judge Watkins stated Monday that he would rule "expeditiously" on Alabama Death Row inmate Christopher Eugene Brooks'  emergency request to delay his execution.

 We are sponsoring an Essay Contest for 11th and12th grade students in Alabama and are in the process of reaching out to school counselors. The topic is “Why shouldn’t the State have the death penalty?” Essays should not exceed 500 words and entries must be received by March 1st at our office. And yes, there are prizes! First place: $150.00, Second place: $75.00, Third place: $25.00. We look forward to students putting on their proverbial thinking caps, while at the same time giving this topic some serious thought!

A special thank you to the National Association of Social Work, AL-Chapter for devoting almost a whole page to our organization with the title “NASW-Alabama: New Partnership.” In part it reads: “ NASW - Alabama has established a new partnership with Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty. During Advocacy Day 2016, Project Hope will contribute knowledge about the history of the death penalty, how we must make our voices heard to reform the death penalty and ways to become involved with discussion with legislators and attendees. In order to have a greater outreach to all social workers, Project Hope will also be an exhibitor at the 2016 annual State Conference.”

In the Death Penalty Information’s report for 2015 Alabama received the following mention: "As the number of new death sentences being imposed nationwide fell to historic lows for a second year in a row, Alabama stood as an outlier in 2015. We still saw six death sentences coming out of Alabama that would not be tolerated almost anywhere else in the country," said Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center."

Board members thank for the Christmas cards already received. The joy of the unexpected! We will be celebrating at the next meeting by breaking bread together, or more accurately, enjoying “casseroles” put together with items available from the canteen. And so it is time to wish all of you the special joy, love and peace of this season “which is for all the people” and to thank you for having been with us in 2015.

See you next year,