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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 1.6.16

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 1.6.16

At this point the execution date for Christopher Brooks remains active and we have sent out an Execution Alert asking all to contact Governor Bentley to ask for a stay. We thank all who have shared the petition for Christopher Brooks and all those who have already contacted the Governor. The petition is up on our website as well as on our face book page. On our website you can find it under Execution Alerts, and on  face book it is anchored on our page.

To bring you up to date where Brooks stands with his appeals, the 11th has promised a decision the day after tomorrow on the appeal filed after Judge Watkins denied to delay the execution so that Brooks could be part of the Midazolam hearing in April, which Judge Watkins had initially allowed. Contradictory? It would seem so to us who are not legally trained! In addition, Brooks could benefit from a favorable ruling in Tommy Arthur’s appeal, nine days before the scheduled execution on the 21st.

Last Sunday the Anniston Star published a comprehensive overview on the State’s search for execution drugs and the unwillingness of compounding pharmacists to become involved with state murder. To quote Robert Dunham, director of the Death Penalty Information Center:” this is part of the medical community’s rejection of lethal injection as a practice.”

Meanwhile our dedicated supporters were active even over the holidays. Two separate contacts were made with the pharmaceutical company Roche making it aware of the scheduled execution. One of the contacts by Claudia Tramer, member of Lifespark, who had first contacted the firm a year ago with the result that Roche issued a statement distancing itself from the misuse of its drug, requested that the statement be reposted on its website. The other contact, initiated by Advisory Board Member Louis Richard and co-signed by Advisory Board Member Ursula Malchau and supporters in France, received a reply that our letter would be circulated among “colleagues in the U.S.” We appreciate your action oriented support.

Our thanks too to all who made a donation to our organization over the holidays! We owe a special thank you to Lifespark for its ongoing active support, financial and otherwise.
Tomorrow there will be an Alabama Arise Listening Session in Birmingham where Advisory Board Member Shelley Douglass and the Rev. Tom Duley, both members of JAM, will be speaking on the death penalty.

The Executive Director will be attending the SOS retreat and the Alabama New South Coalition conference in Montgomery this weekend. Bryan Stevenson will be the speaker at the ANSC function.

See you next week,