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Weekly Report, 3.16.16

Weekly Report, 3.16.16

We are pleased to be able to report that the Florida Hurst ruling is making itself felt in Alabama. One of our Board members who had asked for a rehearing based on the Hurst ruling got word that the U.S. Supreme Court had asked Alabama to respond to  the request. And that is exceptional and also brings hope to others.

In addition, around the state there are conflicting rulings by circuit judges whether the state’s death penalty law is legal, prompting several judges to decline to rule on its constitutionality. Bravo!

We would like to give a special shout out to a new self help law group on the Row called the Enlightenment group. We have always believed that your attorney is as good as you make him/her but we added another insight, which is that what I know, may help you. And so we have invited anyone to join who wants the updated legal information that we have at our disposal.

Our thanks to those who have already written to Governor Bentley on behalf of Vernon Madison and thank you also to Advisory Board Member in Canada, Louis Richard, who together with French friends from the group Francophones has launched an appeal via Trip-Advisor, an online user-generated content travel website.

And finally, because many of you have wondered, we want it on the record that we agree with Bryan Stevenson regarding events at Holman: “I don’t think the problem has anything to do with the physical state of these prisons,” said Bryan Stevenson, the executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, an Alabama-based group that has criticized and sued the state over its prisons. “There are some reforms that are needed there, but if we think that building supermax prisons is going to solve the problems that we have, we are really being delusional.” We share Bryan Stevenson’s fear that “Unfortunately in these circumstances, conditions usually get worse rather than better, especially for the incarcerated people.  And so we oppose the prison bill.  We also oppose all violence in whatever form it takes.

See you next week!