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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 3.30.16

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.30.16

If nothing else, Alabama is certainly in the news with the goings on in Montgomery, but we stand by what our executive director told the Governor: “he who among you is without sin should cast the first stone.” For that reason, among others, we are not going to comment and cast stones except to say that even if there were to be a resignation, there is no reason to think that the next governor would be any more enlightened. We like a quote from the National Catholic Reporter from its Easter article:” In many ways, capital punishment is the rotten fruit of a culture that is sown with the seeds of poverty, inequality, racism and indifference to life." Strange that Alabama Governors are so lacking in insight and feelings of responsibility to accept the obvious, their part in the causes, and act accordingly!

Looking around the nation some headlines grabbed our attention. In Mississippi the House proposed the firing squad as execution method and Missouri is ordered to reveal pharmacies that supplied execution drugs. Then there are rumblings about CA and the Fast-Track process on which the Justice Dept has not yet ruled although TX and AZ have applied to be allowed to use it. It will not affect us because in order to qualify, states must show they provide competent counsel to indigent prisoners during state post-conviction proceedings. AL is the only state that does not provide counsel, competent or incompetent to indigent prisoners during post-conviction proceedings.

Closer to home, although geographically further away, our good friends of the Francophones are continuing with their Alabama Tourism Action. They have listed contacts for tourism attractions, major hotels asking them to let the Governor know that the death penalty is bad for business. We know of several friends who have already done so from Canada, France and Austria! We appreciate their steadfastness in their active opposition to the death penalty and their commitment to us here in Alabama.


See you next week!