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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 5.25.16

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 5.25.16

Our Board is always on the lookout how developments on various fronts, legal or business could be used to be the other voice. Of recent interest is the news that a German investment firm, JAB Beech is planning to purchase Krispy Kreme which has its headquarters in North Carolina. North Carolina has the death penalty and Krispy Kreme has branches in our state and so the idea was born to contact the German firm, asking it to take a stand on the death penalty. As our sister organization Oppose is in Germany we are in a great position for this kind of outreach.

Last week Houston County Circuit Judge Mendheim delayed indefinitely a potential death penalty case dating back to 2012 because of the legal uncertainties associated with our death penalty process. We like to hear that!

We also appreciate reactions from the press to Alabama’s lust for blood. The Huffington Post neatly sums it up:” As long as the statute exists, it will be a magnet for racial bias, human error, and a lust for vengeance.” And that is okay with us here in Alabama?

We very much liked the conclusion in the Washington Post in its article about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Foster GA all white jury issue:” And outcomes at every stage of the criminal justice process — from who is arrested and charged with the most serious crimes after the same behavior, what happens at trial and what sentence courts ultimately hand down — exhibit consistent disparities along racial lines.”

Almost time again for a new edition of our newsletter On Wings of Hope! As we state in the newsletter it is written, typed and formatted at Holman and typed does not mean on the computer but on an old fashioned typewriter. Hats off to our dedicated typists and editors!

See you next week!