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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.31.16

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.31.16

Last week NPR highlighted Alabama’s death penalty in a report: “Justice Reform: When the jury says “life in prison” and the judge says “death”. The focus was on the case of Roy Doster where the jury voted 12-0 for life and the judge handed out a death sentence. NPR also spoke with exoneree Randal Padgett where the judge had also overridden the recommendation of the jury. Not too surprisingly the State denies that this is related to the Florida Hurst issue and does not care that at this point Alabama is the only state where this can happen.

A Harvard Law School project published last week included two Alabama counties among 16 "outlier" counties across the nation that are plagued by problems of overzealous prosecutors, ineffective defense lawyers, or racial bias when it comes to the prosecution and imposition of the death penalty in capital murder cases. The two counties are Mobile and Jefferson.

Also last week we joined with other abolition groups around the nation to help launch a new resource created by Death Penalty Fail:
#DeathPenaltyFail: A Really Quick and Occasionally Bloody Look at the Death Penalty
This fast paced animation brings the facts and stats associated with the death penalty to life in a darkly funny and irreverent way.

#DeathPenaltyFail: A Conservative Concern
A Texas based documentary driven by conservative voices, rather than the liberal campaigners we’re more used to hearing from on this issue, in which we listen to the testimony of a former Governor responsible for signing off on the execution of 19 men, a campaigner whose brother was brutally murdered in Nebraska, as well as the latest exonerated man to be freed from Death Row in Texas.

#DeathPenaltyFail: A Lethal Injection
A painstaking reconstruction of a real-time execution by lethal injection that highlights some of the very specific issues relating to the USA’s preferred execution method. Using CCTV footage, authentic set design and a script based on real life events, the reality of a lethal injection is heightened to uncomfortable levels.

And finally there is the great news that the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), announced yesterday that it has passed a resolution calling for the end of the death penalty in the United States.


See you next week!