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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 9.7.16

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 9.7.16


 A few years ago we worked on an initiative to spread awareness of the injustice that is the death penalty by reaching out to groups, murder victim’s family members and law enforcement asking them to support a moratorium. We were able to sign on 42 City Councils/County Commissions, 850 entities, 31 murder victim family members and 7 current or retired law enforcement members. Among the groups were of course many churches. As there are many more churches in our state which we did not reach we decided that our focus should be on as many others as possible. Our plan is to attempt to do this systematically by focusing on one town after the other. Of course meanwhile we would be happy to hear from any church or group asking to be included in our list, which is at http://www.phadp.org/?q=node/53 . Can we perhaps reach 1,000?
We are happy to report that our latest edition of our newsletter Wings of Hope has safely landed at our printer. We hope you enjoy it! It will be up on line shortly thanks to our faithful Development Officer Brandon Fountain who stayed with us even though he moved out of state and who like the rest of us is a volunteer. Thank you Brandon!


On Saturday we will be in Montgomery at the Arise Annual Meeting. As always there are many worthwhile and important issues competing to be part of the Arise agenda for the legislative season. We will do our best.


Monday, September 12th is the National Moral Day of Action at the Alabama State Capitol from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. We plan to attend and proudly display our phadp banner.


And finally in an excellent article by ADORA OBI NWEZ , THE PRESIDENT OF THE FLORIDA STATE CONFERENCE NAACP AND A BOARD MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL NAACP: Death penalty, symbol of Florida's racial bias


  “The NAACP and its membership have been at the forefront of efforts across the country to end the death penalty. We recognize the disturbing role that racial bias has played in the death penalty’s history, and continues to play to this day.” It is no accident that former slave states stubbornly hang on to the death penalty, the modern day lynching! Proud to belong to the NAACP and very grateful for the support!






See you next week!