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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 9.21.16


Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 9.21.16




“If one state best embodies all the irrationality, unreliability and arbitrariness of the death penalty in America in 2016, it is Alabama.” A quote from an editorial in the New York Times which serves as introduction to an expose of our system, a system which took pride in setting 2 execution dates last week. Thomas Arthur, November 3rd and Ronald B Smith Jr, our Chairman, on December 8th.  We will be sending out Talking Points for both which demonstrate the irrationality, unreliability, arbitrariness (and may I add, injustice) of our system and you will also find the Talking Points at www.phadp.org under Execution Alerts and on our Facebook page. Shame on Alabama and thank you N.Y. Times for that great editorial!   




Motivated by the following quote by Bryan Stevenson the Board voted to make a donation to the Equal Justice Initiative for The Memorial to Peace and Justice. “The only reason lynchings stopped in the American South was that the spectacle of the crowds cheering these murders was becoming problematic. Local law enforcement was powerless to stop the mob, even if it wanted to. So people in the North started to say that the federal government needed to send in federal troops to protect black people from these acts of terror. No one in power in the South wanted that—so they moved the lynchings indoors, in the form of executions. They guaranteed swift, sure, certain death after the trial, rather than before the trial.” In light of the 2 execution dates this seems especially appropriate.




We of phadp have always looked on our members as being family. We are definitely experiencing this right now not only at Holman but also from our Advisory Board members. Today we just want to lift up two of them to thank them. German Advisory Board Member Ursula Malchau wrote a great article, which is on our Facebook page and our Canadian Advisory Board Member Louis Richard has already reached out to the wonderful group the Francophones with Talking Points in French. Thank you.




And finally we would like to congratulate a good friend on her new position with the DPIC as Director of Research and Special Projects. Actually it is the Death Penalty Information Center we should congratulate. They are getting the best, we know from experience!


See you next week!