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Season's Greetings for the Men at Holman Prison

Season’s Greetings for the men at Holman prison



It’s been another hard working year for us at Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty in Alabama, but our thoughts are always with the least advantaged people in our community.

Please join us in sending Season's greetings cards to inmates on Alabama’s Death Row!

The general address for all inmates is:

Holman Unit 3700, Atmore, Alabama  36503-3700, USA

Personal information:

Jeff Rieber, Z-540, Holman Unit 3700-I-1
Ronald Smith Jr., Z 586 H-6A
Carey Grayson, Z 598 P-20-A
Anthony Tyson,  Z 641, N-17 A
Nicholas Acklin, Z 648 N-7A
Anthony Boyd, Z 578, N-9 A
Mark Jenkins Z-527, H-7 A
Bart Johnson,  Z 778, F- 18 A
Randy Lewis, Z 741, I-18-A
Jeffery Lee, Z 674 G-1-A
Marcus Williams, Z 656, G-8-A
Demetrius Frazier Z 608, O-14-A
Joseph Wilson, Z 640, H-26-A
Jesse Phillips,  Z 785, G-9-A
Tony Barksdale,  Z 611, F-24-A
Anthony Lane,  Z-799, I-17-A
John De Blasé,  Z-798, I-6-A
Derek Horton,  Z-788, N-5-A
Rick Smith,  Z-790, H-21-A
Jordan Creque,  Z-795, I-13-A

Thank You!