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Ronald B. Smith Jr.

We are very sad to announce that the State of Alabama took the life of Ronald B. Smith, our Chairman tonight at Holman Prison. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family members, friends and his valiant attorneys.

We thank all of you who wrote, faxed, tweeted and called the Governor to let him know that Alabama does not kill in our name and that we will not condone state assisted homicide. We thank everyone who organized and attended vigils around the state and who joined with us from abroad. We thank the Alabama State Conference of the NAACP, Alabama New South Coalition, Alabama Arise, Alabama Peace Groups, the Quakers, Oppose, Lifespark, the Francophones as well as ACAT-France for their support. As always, we especially thank our sister organization JAM in Birmingham.

We want you to know that Ron was comforted by his Christian faith, by his parents and son of whom he was so proud, as well as by the ministers and the individual he called his best friend during these last three days. No, in many ways we were not prepared for his death and our hearts are broken but Ron was prepared and he leaves a legacy for all of us.

 We know that justice is not done when a human being is murdered, whether it is by an individual or by the State. Thank you for continuing to stand with us so that one day we may overcome at last! R.I.P. my friend! R.I.P. Ron!

Esther and the Board of Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty