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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 1.4.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 1.4.17

Great news from Washington State where the Governor not only issued a reprieve for a man scheduled to be executed 1.19.17 but also called for abolition of the death penalty. Not quite in the same category of positive news is that Arizona will no longer use midazolam even though it is not prepared to give up the death penalty. However in VA an execution is scheduled for 1.18.17 using midazolam from a compounding pharmacy risking another botched execution. Will the U.S. Supreme Court care?

 Articles about Florida’s need to resentence about one hundred death row inmates due to the Hurst ruling continue. And each time the fact that Alabama is the only state with judge override is mentioned providing a good incentive to our legislators to pass the pre filed bills to address this.

The attorneys for Thomas Arthur filed an appeal to make phone connection available to them in the execution chamber. This has been a long standing request by attorneys and one would like to think that if there had been a phone connection for attorneys the execution of Ronald B Smith would have been halted. And no, New Year or not we are not going to leave the injustice of Ron’s death behind us!
Esther will be attending a beginning of the year meeting for SOS and Alabama New South Coalition on Saturday in Selma. The purpose of this meeting is “to explore critical problems and forge collective solutions and to chart our courses on critical issues facing us in these perilous times.”

Esther participated in a conference call with experts in the field of neurology with a focus on epilepsy organized by Charlie Sullivan co-founder and co-director of CURE. Apparently many times some individuals with epilepsy can exhibit violence unknowingly to themselves. And they do not remember it either therefore these individuals should not be considered guilty but in fact have untreated epilepsy or undertreated epilepsy. These calls will take place on a monthly basis.

See you next week!