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Weekly Report from the Board Meetinng at Holman Prison 1.11.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 1.11.17

Applause for California where prosecutorial misconduct became a felony last year! It says a lot about our justice system when “justice for all” even for those in power seems like a novel idea!

The hearing of Ohio’s execution team, anonymous of course, describing the consciousness checks it performed during a botched execution is a case in point. Of course the execution was not botched; of course the man felt no pain! Here in Alabama we are still waiting to hear about the result of the autopsy performed on Ronald B Smith which according to the State was meant to reveal whether his execution was botched or not. Really?

In Florida the State has come up with a new execution protocol which eliminates midazolam and substitutes etomidate a short-acting unaesthetic agent.  Florida can look forward to appeals about this. And apparently, Missouri DOC found a way to still buy pentobarbital manufactured by Akorn, despite Akorn's measures to avoid their products being used for executions. We hope Akorn will not allow them to get away with this!

According to SCOTUS Docket, the Stay of Tommy Arthur should have been discussed in Conference on Monday but will now be discussed on Friday.

Tomorrow at the Capri Theatre at 6:00 p.m. you can attend “Faith and Justice: A Conversation” which takes a look at the role and responsibility of the Faith community when it comes to criminal Justice. The conversation is led by Attorney Kacey Keeton, Investigator Sara Romano and faith leaders.

And finally we have some very sad news for us and the death penalty in Alabama. We received word that Attorney Stephen Stetson is being laid off in February by Alabama Arise due to budget cuts.  We are a one issue organization, the death penalty and in Stephen we had a skilled and powerful voice on the Hill. We could count on him to represent our issue with all of its nuances to the Alabama legislators whether in person or through policy statements. Quite frankly for us there was no more important person at Arise to talk to or to contact when help was needed than Stephen. We are grateful for all he did for us during the past nine years and we appreciate that he wants to continue to be active in our cause.

Thank you Stephen from all of us of Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty! May you soon find work commensurate with your skills and experience in the legal field or in public policy. One thing for certain, whatever your new position, you will be a great asset!
See you next week!