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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 2.8.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 2.8.17

Esther attended the SOS meeting in Selma. “Saving OurSelves - SOS: A Movement for Justice & Democracy” describes itself as a movement rather than an organization and we are grateful and proud to be one of the 40 plus organizations associated with it. We appreciated being given the opportunity to raise our issue and are very grateful to Senator Hank Sanders who once more pre-filed his 5 bills, as he has for so many years, addressing capital punishment.

They are: S.B. 18 judicial override; S.B. 48 intellectual person’s disability; S.B. 49 under age exempt which Alabama still does not have even though it is a federal law; S.B. 50 moratorium; S.B. 51 death penalty repealed.

Nationally Bills to exempt individuals with severe mental illness from facing the death penalty are expected in at least seven states and in Florida legislation calling for a unanimous jury death sentence is making its way through the legislature. And in Montana an abolition bill stands a good chance of passage. Granted there are only 2 men on Montana’s death row, still every abolition state is a plus for all of us.
We were delighted to find an article by Mason Estevez,  a junior majoring in economics and journalism and who writes a biweekly column in The Crimson White, entitled “Alabama’s judicial override system must end”. We also appreciated the article written by Prison Lives and published in Forbes “The Death Penalty: A Russian Roulette” and we quote: “Some states are worse than others for those on death row, as Alabama has just proven. It’s an unluckiness of the draw.” (Referring to Ronald Smith who would not have been executed in any other state.)

Thank you to all who responded to our latest article in the series of “What Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty means to me.”
 See you next week!