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Here is the third Memorial

Derrick Mason Remembered by Randy Lewis

Derrick Mason was a breakfast runner when I arrived on death row back in 2007….We cliqued real well, we instantly became friends. We talked and laughed about any and everything. I had no family support, but every time Derrick caught store he purchased me something. He allotted me a few of his work days so that I would be able to have extra food to eat. Derrick became my first brother here on Life Row.

I eventually became a day time runner and every time I came out, Derrick would be asleep because he stayed up all night. When I came out to work day time I would go by his cell and wake him up and talk like 2-3 minutes and then walk off in mid sentence….I would get a kick out of doing this. I would come back and catch him nodding off in an attempt to go back to sleep but I would do the same thing again…I did this until he caught on as to what I was doing…when he did catch on he would already be up once I came out on the hall…

Derrick’s execution made me withdraw from getting to know too many people…
                                                    He was my brother….
                                                                Soldier to Soldier