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Here is the fourth Memorial

Christopher E Brooks Remembered by Jessie MDY Phillips

In January of 2016 someone I knew was murdered by the state of Alabama. His name was Chris Brooks and he was in my Book Club. We didn’t talk much about life, we talked about books.

One day he was on the hall working. It was my library day. The door to the library is on the hall he was working. I asked him to get me some water. He asked me if I needed anything else. I said yes, a book, it went on from there.

We talked about books for 5 hours that day. He told me about authors like Brandon Sanderson, Kevin Hearne and Kim Harrison. I told him about authors that I liked and the books I had sent to me. We talked about what was good on the prison library.

We started trading books. He also told me about other people that read books on death row. He read fantasy and Science fiction mostly. That was good for me as those are the kind of books I mostly read also. When the state murdered Chris I tried to collect all the books that had his name in them so I could read them again.

I also wanted to keep them so I would remember that Chris loved books as much if not more than I did. I don’t find many people that love books like I do. Chris even knew about book murder, most people don’t. “Book murder is when you damage a book in any way. When the Moors taught Europeans how to read it became a crime to damage a book.”

It is hard to find people I like or that like me as it is, but to find someone here and then the State murders them, that’s just f….d up in so many ways. Since he was murdered the book club isn’t the same. It’s like what’s the point, if y’all are just going to let the state continue to murder its members?

So the next time you pick up a book remember Christopher C. Brooks murdered in January 2016 by the state of Alabama who loved to read books just like you.