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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 5.24.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 5.24.17

The Talking Point for both Tommy Arthur, May 25th and Robert Melson, June 8th are  up on our website at http://www.phadp.org/?q=alerts as well as on our Facebook page.  Please if you ever wrote on behalf of any of us to previous Alabama governors or if you are a new friend, now is the time to write, email and to call and our thanks to all those who already did.

Tommy Arthur was moved to the death cell yesterday but it is not too late to call, email or fax the Governor:  PHONE 1-334-242-7100     FAX: 1-334-242-328  Contact form: http://governor.alabama.gov/contact/

Tommy Arthur did win a ruling yesterday but statements from both the Attorney General’s Office as well as from his attorneys indicate that this is not a stay, simply that the ruling has to come from a different court. If there is no stay please attend a vigil near you.

We quote from an article in Counter Punch “Demand that authorities in Alabama be honest and transparent about executions. Demand that death row inmates receive effective counsel and that they be treated fairly and humanely. Demand that torture be prohibited. And, until that can be assured, if it can ever be assured, demand that Governor Kay Ivey issue a moratorium on all executions going forward. Demand that Alabama comply with the state and federal constitutions. Don’t ask for these things. Demand them.”

The men held their vigil before the Board Meeting and we are pleased to say that it was well attended. Times like these are difficult for all of us.

We are working on the next edition of Wings of Hope. As always this is not an easy task but we are determined to be The Other Voice, our mission as identified by one of our founders Jesse Morrison 29 years ago.

See you next week!