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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 7.26.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 7.26.17


"The intent of the legislature, and what we thought we were doing with passing the bill, was that upon signature of the governor, it would end judicial override in Alabama," Brewbaker told AL.com. "I think everyone in that chamber who voted for the bill thought, going forward, the juries' wishes would be the last word in all cases." One would have thought so but this is not what is happening in Huntsville where prosecutors are arguing that anyone indicted before the law was signed is still liable under the old law. Certainly this will give the defendant good grounds for appeal and more ways Alabama can waste the money it doesn’t have. And how about the unfair Fair Justice Act one wonders?

Our thanks and appreciation to Alabama New South Coalition and SOS for sharing our Weekly Notes! Networking is important for all organizations but for an organization whose chairman and board are on death row it is vital. Thank you! And please know we do not take you for granted!

We heard from the office of Sister Helen Prejean regarding a new pen pal project. We are posting the address on the bulletin board in the day room so that those who are looking for a pen pal can write and request one. Thank you!

And speaking of networking we are pleased that Harold Wilson of Witness to Innocence has promised to help spread our Execution Alerts should the need arise.

Today on the 10th anniversary of the execution of our past Chairman Darrell B. Grayson we remembered him with affection and gratitude for all he did not only for our organization but for so many of us. Darrell was a leader, a teacher, a published poet, a friend. He was also innocent. Unforgotten!


 See you next week!