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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.30.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 8.30.17


The Alabama Supreme Court set the following execution dates: Jeffrey Borden, October 5th 2017; Torrey McNabb, October 19th 2017. We will be sending out Talking Points and will also post them on our website and on our Facebook page.

The deadline for registering for the Arise meeting where members choose issue priorities is September 1st. You can call 334 832 9060 or visit arisecitizens.org. In its most recent newsletter Arise highlighted the following glaring problems concerning the death penalty in our state. 1) No statewide public defender system, 2) the new unfair Fair Justice act to accelerate death penalty appeals, 3) bills to allow executions by firing squad, electrocution or nitrogen hypoxia. We would add the passed judicial override bill which is not retroactive and the secrecy surrounding the execution protocol. So please register and come and vote.

We were delighted to sign a letter to Governor Eric Greitens initiated by Witness to Innocence to thank him for granting a stay last week even before the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled. Not only is it important to reinforce good behavior but it also feels good to be able to do this. In Arkansas the Governor, following the recommendation of the Parole Board, granted clemency to a death row inmate on the same day as he set an execution date for another inmate. One wonders about the timing and the need to appease?

Looking around the nation one sees the death penalty states continuing to scramble for execution drugs and we took note of the new drug, etomidate an anesthetic drug which replaced midazolam, used in Florida last week for the first time with no report of adverse effects. 

The California Supreme Court ruled that Proposition 66 is constitutional, and that starts the clock ticking on speeding up appeals and eventually resuming executions in that state after more than a decade! However that is not as straight forward as it might appear.

Even though we have been handicapped with our communications due to phone problems at Holman our newsletter Wings of Hope is ready. It was mailed to Esther to take to the printer one week ago but has still not arrived. We are concerned!

 See you next week!