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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 12.13.17

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 12.13.17

When a man first arrives on Holman’s death row he gets what is called “an adjustment period” of 3 months when he is on “single walk” which means that when he goes to yard he is in a cage and cannot meet with the other death row men. After that period is over we invite him to one of our board meetings.

Last Wednesday we welcomed Jamal, a new arrival from Mobile. We were pleased to learn that he already knew about our organization from another inmate at the Mobile jail who had written us asking for our newsletter, which he then shared. As always we stressed the importance of not just kicking back, becoming anesthetized by television and giving up. Jamal was very receptive to all we had to offer in wisdom acquired over the years on death row. This is the first year of the unfair Fair Justice Act which makes it more important than ever to be fully engaged from the beginning. We were pleased that he had already taken the first important step of calling EJI to ask for a pro-bono attorney for his appeals. Alabama does not provide post conviction legal counsel!

Our latest project sending postcards to people in Alabama jails who have been charged with capital murder will address this issue. Most jails do not allow letters and so we are working on designing a post card with appropriate information.

And next week we will have our Christmas party complete with casseroles created by our inventive board with whatever ingredients we can purchase from the canteen. So see you next week at our party!



Thank you to all who did their civic duty and voted!