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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 1.24.18

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 1.24.18


The State is preparing to execute Vernon Madison tomorrow, a man who not only is severely physically and emotionally handicapped but who received Alabama style justice. To be specific, Vernon Madison’s 3 trials were replete with prosecutorial misconduct, tainted racist jury selections and in the third trial 8-4 judicial override of life without the possibility of parole. Alabama style justice!


In addition we quote Doyle Lee Hamm’s attorney on the secret Alabama execution protocol: Harcourt told AL.com, "The secrecy that [AG] Steve Marshall demands is a clear sign that what's going on is disgraceful. You don't hide when you are doing justice. You only conceal something infamous. Other states make their protocols public, there is no legitimate reason to conceal them." Alabama style justice indeed!


We have sent out the vigils scheduled for tomorrow and hope that some of you are able to attend. Also there is still time to call Governor Ivey’s office at 1-334-242-7100 to protest Alabama style justice.


And speaking of vigils, it is a chilly day today in Atmore but the men were able to hold their vigil this morning before the meeting and had a great turnout. They shared and they prayed and were uplifted. Also, Doyle Lee Hamm arrived at Holman yesterday and was made to feel welcome.


As always we thank all of you who are and have been the Other Voice. A special thank you to Pax Christi who shared the Action Alert and Talking Points at their meeting last week,  and to ANSC, SOS and the Alabama State Conference of the NAACP for forwarding the vigils. Our thanks also to the Catholic Mobilizing Network for getting the word out!


Thank you to those who have already written to Governor Ivey on behalf of Vernon Madison and Doyle Hamm. We shared two of those letters with you but do want to assure you that phone calls and emails also help. Most of us make at least one phone call a day, so how about picking up that phone right now, dialing Governor Ivey’s office at 1-334-242-7100 and asking the pleasant secretary to ask the Governor to grant clemency to Vernon Madison and Doyle Lee Hamm. It really is as simple as that! Board members have asked family and friends to call. Every voice is counted! 


Please contact Governor Ivey and BE THE OTHER VOICE!


See you next week!