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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.7.18

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.7.18

As we write this it is only 8 days until Michael Eggers’ scheduled execution. Michael Eggers was transferred to Holman Monday morning. We respect his wishes when we don’t ask you to request clemency when you call Governor Ivey, however we hope that you will call and ask the Governor to halt all executions.

In an Update Hamm’s attorney Professor Harcourt wrote: “Meanwhile, the federal district court in Birmingham has scheduled our next hearing for Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Dr. Mark Heath will get his report prepared as soon as possible and I will file it with the federal court in Birmingham.” 

Also from Hamm’s attorney: “Along with his second amended complaint and a Rule 32 state post-conviction petition in circuit court in Cullman County, Doyle Hamm filed today a federal habeas corpus petition challenging any second execution, by any means, as a violation of double jeopardy and the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Counsel moved to hold the federal petition in abeyance while he exhausts his remedies in state court.”

We are pleased that the torture of Doyle Lee Hamm continues to garner headlines in the press just as we were grateful for the international condemnation it received, including from ICPD. We also appreciated a letter to the Governor from E.U. Ambassador to the U.S. David O’Sullivan. Our Chairman has written to Ambassador O’Sullivan thanking him on behalf of the Board and hoping to open a line of communication and dialogue as we believe that international support is crucial to eventual abolition.

We highly recommend an article in the Los Angeles Post-Examiner which highlights the importance of not seeing Doyle Lee Hamm’s torture as an isolated incident but rather as ”the latest victim of Alabama’s long history of torturing poor people.” Doyle Lee Hamm is the latest victim of Alabama's long history of torturing poor people. 

The latest edition of our newsletter Wings of Hope is at the printer and will be on its way to you shortly.

Esther will be tabling at the Savery Library of Talladega College Community Fair tomorrow. We hope that our being there will serve as a good introduction for Gary Drinkard who will be speaking there on March 19th. 

The motto of one of our founders and my dear friend Jesse Morrison was to Be The Other Voice. Proof that we can be that in the most unlikely places came at the first Alabama rest stop on I 85. When I observed a group of young people who had come on a bus taking their pictures in front of the Sweet Home Alabama sign I felt that in good conscience I needed to be the Other Voice. The group had come from New York from a couple of synagogues to follow the civil rights trail and was led by a couple of rabbis. When I gave them my card I was invited to speak to the group about our organization, the death penalty and what brought me to Alabama. The answer to that is of course the death penalty. It was a delightful opportunity rounded off with distribution of copies of our Wings of Hope. And so you too can Be the Other Voice wherever life takes you.

In closing we are touched and pleased to tell you that Michael Eggers and Doyle Lee Hamm who had been good friends for years on the smaller death row at West Jefferson ended up in a cell next door to each other. Apparently Michael’s first question on his arrival had been about Doyle and so they are together and can support each other. In addition, apparently money does not transfer from one institution to the other but the men on that tier assured our Chairman that they are able to provide the small comforts available from the canteen using their accounts to the new arrivals. Makes me happy!

Honorable Governor Kay Ivey


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And thank you for being THE OTHER VOICE!

See you next week!