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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.21.18

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.21.18

 An execution always casts a long shadow over all of us and we believe that is how it should be and that it is unavoidable. Not only is there the actual horrific event but there are always the memories of friends we lost. And of course survival in the near future is not a given. Nevertheless it is important to move on especially as the next scheduled execution is only 4 weeks away on April 19th.


Once more the state has chosen someone who at age 83 certainly presents no threat to society. If one can talk about being a recluse on death row Walter Moody certainly can claim that title. He never leaves his cell except for showers and hasn’t in years. The dates for this year so far could fall under the heading of “bring me your old, your terminally ill, your psychiatric and Alabama will murder them for you.”


A  U.S. Supreme Court ruling states that in order to prevail on method-of-execution claims of cruel and unusual punishment, inmates must name an alternative form of execution that is "feasible, readily implemented" and significantly reduces a substantial risk of severe pain. Obviously it did not mean what it said because on Monday it denied our Board Member Anthony Boyd’s alternative forms of shooting or hanging.


The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals on Friday reversed the death sentence of  Jovon Dwayne Gaston and granted him a new sentencing hearing.


Nationally the state of Oklahoma has announced it will now use nitrogen gas to execute prisoners who have been sentenced to death. Experts believe that far too little is known about this process and that it may well not be the answer to botched executions and difficulty obtaining drugs. However as stated earlier the Alabama Senate already approved this execution method and yesterday the bill passed the House as well.


 The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to Arizona's death penalty law which one had hoped would have far reaching national implications for the death penalty. The court's four more liberal justices said they would be willing to take up the issue Hidalgo raised but in a different case in which lower courts could more thoroughly explore it first. Let us hope this will happen.


The men are looking forward to a visit from Kairos this weekend.


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