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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.25.18

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.25.18


As always during our first meeting following an execution there is the need to process what took place. Certainly the age factor was what garnered the headlines in the national and state press at the expense of profound mental illness. Surely no one could be called sane who had committed the crimes of which Mr. Moody had been convicted. (As an inmate organization we do our best not to speculate on guilt or innocence.) Naturally as Mr. Moody claimed to be innocent that was not an issue that could be raised. Would it have been more potent than the age factor? We will never know but would like to see that issue raised more often and wish the powers that be would visit Holman and see just how rampant psychiatric illness is on death row!

We appreciate hearing from individuals who have perused our website and find it interesting. This week we heard from the Senior Content Manager at Lamar University's Online Education Portal for Masters in Education degrees wondering whether we could feature their link along with the other helpful links on our website.

We received a request from the editor of Penn Magazine who is planning an edition focusing on the abolition of prison/ prison writings. We forwarded a couple of writings by Darrell B. Grayson. Darrell was the chairman of Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty from 2000 until his execution in 2007. His poetry, which he described as “a contagion of insecurities” appeared in Axis of Logic, Birmingham Arts Journal, Right Hand Pointing, Wings of Hope, two chap books and elsewhere. Represented towards the end by the Innocence Project he was denied DNA testing which would have cleared him. Lest we forget!

Our organization will be represented by Advisory Board Members Judy Collins and Callie Greer and friends at the EJI Justice Summit: Reforming Criminal Justice in America which is taking place in Montgomery tomorrow. We look forward to their report.


See you next week!