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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 5.16.18

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 5.16.18

Recently there have been quite a few articles about the new execution method of nitrogen hypoxia and as we are one of the states which has passed a bill to make this possible this topic is of much interest to us. “Yet according to scientists, there is little available evidence on whether death by nitrogen gas inhalation is humane.” And there is the rub and will always be with every form of state murder, no one comes back to tell us how it was. We are not so naïve to think that the legislators and others involved with implementing the death penalty actually care whether the execution is “humane”, and surely that would be a contradiction in terms. The concern to the executioners is how it looks. 

We heard from the new Southeast Alabama Organizer for Arise and look forward to working with him. It was good to hear that he is familiarizing himself with our organization and our advocacy via our website. For years Alabama Arise has been a very important ally and so we are delighted to welcome Mike Nicholson to the team!

We were contacted by a free lance journalist who is interested in doing a feature on our organization. We appreciate the recognition and will keep you posted. Meanwhile thank you to Advisory Board Members who were willing to be interviewed. As of now the Board is hard at work answering questions about what we do and who we are. What an opportunity!

As mentioned previously, we are exploring our history and finding it inspirational. If we forget, who will remember those in whose footsteps we are following? It is interesting too for us to see our growth and development over the years. Each chairman and each board had their unique vision which is the way we believe it should be. And of course conditions also changed and dictated what was possible and what is possible now.

See you next week!