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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 6.20.18

 Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 6.20.18


The Alabama Supreme Court denied writs of certiorari--or requests to review the cases-- to Oscar Doster, James Ben Brownfield, and Nicholas Bernard Acklin last week. A case in point why we need to vote this fall! Of course those of us who can should always vote which is why our Board and members urge their families and friends to register and do their civic duty.

Yesterday there was an insightful article in AL.COM entitled “Is Solitary Confinement Driving Alabama’s Prison Suicide Crisis?” As our supporters know we do not comment on prison conditions however so far this year there was one unsuccessful suicide attempt and one successful suicide on Holman’s death row. It appears that all concerned are aware of the contributing factors. The answer as so often appears to be financial and in this state which is firmly fixated on vengeance it is unlikely that more money will be invested unless forced to do so by the courts. Our appreciation to the Southern Poverty Law Center which issued a statement on this issue!

We discussed an excellent article Alabama’s Lynching Memorial and the Legacy of Racial Terror in the South. Bryan Stevenson calls the death penalty the stepchild of lynching. Some of us have called the death penalty the modern day lynching going back at least 35 years when we first became involved. We hope many will visit the museum with an open mind and be horrified.

We were pleased to write a letter of support for the Reverend Kenneth Glasgow for his hearing before the Grand Jury on June 25th.

As always after the Wings of Hope arrive at Holman we spent part of our meeting going over it together. We have to agree with our Executive Director who told us that we did a great job and hope that our readers feel the same! J

See you next week!