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Thank you Judge Sotomayor, for your powerful statement regarding the rushed execution of Mr. Billy Irick!(Tennessee). You pointed out what is so disturbing with the whole death penalty issue: America is descending to a deeper and deeper level of humanity. Not enough that the premeditated killing of a human being is declared as not cruel; even the torturing of a dying man is according to the recent Supreme Courts majority decisions consistent with America's values.


After state sanctioned killings, now court sanctioned torture? Bleak!


What do we have to expect from this Supreme Court, which is more and more dominated by conservatives, regarding all aspects of capital punishment in the future?  The newly nominated Brett Kavanaugh is like Justice Neil Gorsuch a Trump appointee, and they both are young enough to have a formative influence on the administration of justice for decades. In the light of the latest experiences with this court does it mean barbarity will become the coming standard? 


Last Tuesday Nebraska carried out its first-ever lethal injection, executing Mr. Carey Dean Moore. Scott Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, in speaking about the execution stated:"This agency has done so with professionalism, respect for the process and with dignity for all involved."


Dignity? Really? What has a violent killing got to do with dignity?  Where is dignity when a defenseless, bound, and shackled elderly man is dragged by four staff escorts to the killing room after being held captive for 38 years? Was dignity part of the process when Mr. Moore served as a human guinea pig for a never tried 4-drug-combination meant to murder him? We don't even know how dignified the actual death of Mr. Moore was since the witnesses were blocked from seeing the whole process! Dignity? Don't be ridiculous!


Ursula Malchau

Advisory Board Member of phadp

Ludwigshafen, Germany