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Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.13.19

  Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.13.19

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Paul Labatte editor of the without question the best death penalty Facebook page, Anti Death Penalty News,  has honored us by joining our Advisory Board. We have already been in debt to him for quite a while for his always accurate and professional postings and look forward to his continued guidance on our page. Thank you Paul!

CONGRATULATIONS CALIFORNIA FOR HAVING A GOVERNOR WITH INTEGRITY AND COURAGE! And thank you Governor Gavin Newsom for the moratorium on executions in your state! “Our death penalty system has been-by any measure a failure”. There is no doubt that Alabama’s definitely has been that and our governors have been that and are that as well!

As mentioned last week and as we will continue to mention Christopher Lee Price has an execution date which is scheduled for 4.11.19.  Unfortunately Christopher Price is one of the men who failed to choose the new execution method of nitrogen gas last summer and so having exhausted his appeals became a candidate for execution. We have posted the Execution Alert on our website and it is up on our Facebook page as well.

The discussion at the Board meeting as well as in the Law Class focused on why and how it happened that a little less than a third of the men at Holman signed on to nitrogen gas. Most of the ones who did sign on were represented by the Federal Defenders who refused to leave Holman until they had seen all of their clients. Why didn’t most of the others sign on? Alabama is the only state that does not provide post conviction representation which means that most are represented by pro-bono out of state attorneys. It is unrealistic to expect out of state attorneys to be constantly up on developments in Alabama. The men had 3 days to make up their minds whether to sign or not. And so first they had to try and get hold of their attorney, hope they reached him/her right away so that they could research the issue and advise whether to sign or not, get back to them, and all of that in 3 days? Just not realistic, just as it is not realistic that one would rush to sign a piece of paper issued by the state which is doing its best to kill one. Unfortunately that means that we are likely to see a string of executions of those who have exhausted their appeals and who did not sign on to nitrogen gas. We can only hope that this issue will be appealed and won.

Our organization is a member of ActBlue, a way of donating to a cause anonymously. We would like to thank the individual who recently made a donation on our behalf. We may not know your name but we do appreciate you!

And finally we hope to see you on Tuesday in Montgomery at the annual Arise Lobby Day. (details are on their webpage). Come and let your voice be heard!