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Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.27.19

 Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 3.27.19
As mentioned last week and as we will continue to mention, Christopher Lee Price has an execution date which is scheduled for 4.11.19.  Christopher Price is one of the men who failed to choose the new execution method of nitrogen gas last summer and so having exhausted his appeals became a candidate for execution. We have posted the Execution Alert on our website and it is up on our Facebook page as well and it only takes a couple of minutes to call Governor Kay Ivey to ask her to grant clemency.
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The U. S. Supreme Court this week once more gave a good example that the letter of the law kills when it refused to hear an Alabama death penalty case where there had been a demonstrable conflict of interest between the attorney’s financial interest and that of the client. Several law professors who specialize in legal ethics had filed a brief urging the high court to hear the case. Apparently neither ethics nor common sense prevails at the highest court in the nation!
Representative Merika Coleman’s HB 273 which would institute a 3 year moratorium on executions is in the House Judiciary Committee. Retired Senator Hank Sanders first filed this bill many years ago and at the time asked Rep. Merika Coleman to file a companion bill in the House. This year there is no companion bill in the Senate. We hope that next year a senator will file a companion bill in the Senate. Our thanks to Rep. Merika Coleman!
 We are once more one of the sponsors for STARVIN’ FOR JUSTICE,  the annual Fast and Vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. June 29th-July 2nd.
Our thanks to Kairos for visiting and feeding us last weekend on death row. We very much appreciate this group.
Our thanks and appreciation to our supporters and also to the anonymous friends who donated to our organization via Facebook/ Network for Good!

Two years ago the Board ruled that elections for all positions should be held every 2 years and so we will be holding these very shortly. When we do we will update you on the results but meanwhile it is not too early to thank all who gave of their time and energy to our organization.