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Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.3.19

 Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.3.19

As mentioned last week and as we will continue to mention, Christopher Lee Price has an execution date which is scheduled for 4.11.19.  Christopher Price is one of the men who failed to choose the new execution method of nitrogen gas last summer and so having exhausted his appeals became a candidate for execution. We have posted the Execution Alert on our website and it is up on our Facebook page as well and it only takes a couple of minutes to call Governor Kay Ivey to ask her to grant clemency.


600 Dexter Ave

MONTGOMERY, AL 36130 2751 

PHONE 1-334-242-7100

FAX: 1-334-242-3282

Email: http://governor.alabama.gov/contact/

We were glad about the Texas temporary stay of execution and are wondering whether the public outcry over the Domineque Ray execution here in Alabama which should have been stayed on identical merits could mean that public opinion is taken into account and can shape the U.S. Supreme Court? Or was it just a question of timing? Justice Brett Kavanaugh addressed the merits directly: ”As this Court has repeatedly held, governmental discrimination against religion—in particular, discrimination against religious persons, religious organizations, and religious speech—violates the Constitution. The government may not discriminate against religion generally or against particular religious denominations....”

However lest we rejoice, the U.S. Supreme Court this week  ruled that racist jurors are just fine in a Missouri case as is cruel and unusual punishment in an Oklahoma case. Death row inmates are not “guaranteed a painless” death. Disgusting!

However we do have some great news that we can finally share with you. Last May we were contacted by Lauren Gill a young free lance journalist from New York about a possible story about our organization. Along the way Lauren became a friend, visited Alabama, spoke with the Board from my house, met with various important supporters/friends, corresponded with the Board, emailed back and forth with Esther and now this weekend the article will appear in the Nation! Congratulations to all of us and thank you Lauren Gill! Once it is up on line we will be sending out the link and posting it.

And yes, we held our election and congratulate our new Chairman Anthony Boyd and our new Sgt at Arms Nicholas Smith on being elected to these positions. We know both will continue to do their best to help Keep Hope Alive!