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Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Priosn 4.10.19

  Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.10.19

Unless there is a stay Christopher Lee Price will be executed tomorrow. There is still time to call Governor Ivey at 1-334-242-7100 and request clemency and to let her know that Alabama does not kill in your name! We have sent out the detail on the vigils. The men at Holman held theirs today and please note that on Thursday JAM will hold its 11:30-1:00 p.m. vigil in Birmingham whether there is a stay or not. We very much appreciate the steadfast commitment of our friends and supporters.

Thank you also for the positive reaction and feedback to the article in the Nation about our organization by freelance journalist who along the way became a friend, Lauren Gill. It was a lengthy journey on which we embarked which began last May and which led to many exchanges and her visit to Alabama. I quote Lauren to give you an idea that not only is she a gifted writer but why she is also a friend:” I also wanted to thank you and all of the members of PHADP for all of the work you put in educating me about the organization (and answering my many, many emails!) I certainly couldn't have done the story without you and I think the fact that everyone was so forthcoming really helped give people an understanding of who you guys really are. I hope I did PHADP's story justice :)” Yes you did Lauren and we thank you for your care, diligence and skillful journalism so that our voices could be heard across the land!

Our thanks to the generous supporters who donated via ACTBLUE! You make a difference!