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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.17.19

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.17.19

We were of course delighted about the stay of the execution of Christopher Price. He was greeted with a resounding cheer from the men when he returned to the tier at 11:35 p.m. last Thursday. However the writer of these notes would be less than honest if she did not voice the disgust we all felt at the various statements made by state officials when time ran out to kill. “A horrendous miscarriage of justice?” Looking at Alabama’s history isn’t that its history? And as for closure, that word should not be used by those who appear to know so little what that is really about. No, another murder does not give one closure. Closure has to come from within! 

As for the request for a new date by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office to the state Supreme Court to quickly schedule a new lethal injection on April 25 or May 2 in the “interests of justice” and that the state asked to set aside a rule normally requiring 30 days’ notice, let us say that words fail us or at least ones that one could print!

We also discussed the division of the U.S. Supreme Court on the death penalty which was revealed  when it chose to lift the stay of execution. “But the 5-to-4 ruling at the Supreme Court indicated that the court's new conservative majority is far less likely to agree to last-minute stay requests from those facing execution. It also emphasized the stark divide between conservative and liberal justices on capital punishment and the most humane way to carry it out.”

However we were encouraged that it looks as though New Hampshire will finally abolish the death penalty. With one man on its death row and as the last New England state with the death penalty it was an abnormality and certainly not the will of its voters who had tried repeatedly to abolish it. Congratulations!

On the home front we were contacted by reporter Melissa Brown of the Montgomery Advertiser and a meeting is scheduled. We look forward to that! As the saying goes nothing succeeds like success and there is no doubt that the article in The Nation is opening many doors for us. A door that has been open for some time is the one with Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy of North Alabama University with whom we are working on various ongoing projects. We so appreciate all who make it possible for our voices to be heard!

We continue to thank anonymous donors who give via ActBlue and attribute their generosity to our friend Lauren Gill who when congratulated on her article in the Nation lets people know that yes, we appreciate financial support.

At Holman the Board is busy embarking on a letter writing project contacting politicians as well possible organizations who might consider being listed as supporting a moratorium.