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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 6.5.10

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 6.5.19

Christopher Lee Price was executed. We move on but we don’t forget. Each of us of phadp is so intimately connected with state murder and has their own way of dealing with executions, their own memories. What is important is that we never accept it. We don’t and we won’t!

Warmest congratulations to New Hampshire for abolishing the death penalty! It was the 21st state to do so and the last one in New England.

Last week invitations from the Board went out to various churches and groups to join the 450 who are already listed on our website as supporting a moratorium/abolition. The letter and supporting documents were sent to me in addressed envelopes ready for mailing. All of it, every detail was professionally attended to and once more I was in awe of the men with who I work! And speaking of excellent work by the Chairman and Board, the new edition of our newsletter Wings of Hope is on its way to the printer.

Maria Oswalt of Rehumanize International wrote an Open Letter to Governor Kay Ivey on behalf of Christopher Price. The Board will be sending a letter of appreciation and thanks also to Toby Lafferty and the team of Books Inside who wrote us a very supportive and moving letter.

Scott Douglas, Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries wrote an excellent Op Ed “Old death penalty conviction creates an opportunity for JeffCo’s new DA. We signed on to that letter on behalf of Toforest Johnson who was sent to death row by the $5,000 testimony by a witness who had never met Toforest as she later admitted. We hope the new DA uses the opportunity to right one of so many wrongs associated with our system!

We were touched and honored by the invitation from Attorney F. Wilson Meyers to speak to his capital law class at Birmingham School of Law later this month. We are giving it a lot of thought and drawing on 35 years of death row experience both here and in Florida.

We continue to thank anonymous donors who gave by going to our website and using the “donate” button and of course also those who gave directly. We would also like to welcome the new members who joined our email list last week. We are encouraged by the kind messages we receive which are all forwarded to the Board.