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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 10.23.19

                      Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 10.23.19

Finally last week the DOC made the execution protocol public after U.S. District Judge Karon Bowdre last year ruled the public has “a common law right of access” to the records. The State appealed but a federal appeals court agreed. Bowdre allowed the state to redact some information for security reasons. The document did not include information about where the state obtains lethal injection drugs or the job titles and training of people who connect the intravenous lines to deliver the drugs. The warden administers the solution that consists of, according to the protocol, 100 mL of midazolam hydrochloride (two 50mL syringes), 20mL of saline, 60 mL of rocuronium bromide, 20 mL of saline, 120 mL of potassium chloride (two 60 mL syringes). It is important to note that members of the execution team are able to opt-out of their roles if they so wish.

Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy guest-lectured in Dr. Yaschica Williams SO 439 Law and Society class. We quote from a post on Facebook by Dr. Williams of the UNA Department of Sociology and Families Studies: “Dr. Owens-Murphy’s presentation featured an exhibit, materials, and audio from men who are on Alabama’s death row. Capital punishment remains perhaps the most controversial issue for law and social control in the U.S. One of Dr. Owens-Murphy teaching and research interests is prison literature in the U.S. SO 430 is a requirement for the departments criminology minor.” We are so very grateful how thanks to Dr. Katie Owens-Murphy the word continues to get out to those who are the hope for the future.

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