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Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.13.19

                      Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 11.13.19

The Board is working hard on the next edition of our quarterly newsletter. The important words to remember about our newsletters are “written, typed and formatted on death row at Holman.” We take pride in each quarterly edition but there is no doubt that the Christmas edition is extra special to us and it shows. To quote one of our long term printers on the outside looking back over 20 years, “I like them all but the Christmas edition is my favorite.”

We are also busy getting our Christmas card list up to date which we will be sharing with you very soon. What a lovely surprise it is for us to have an unexpected Christmas card arrive at our cell!

In case you have been wondering why we have not updated our picture of the current Board on our Facebook page, we have been working on it and hope to be able to present it to you very soon.

If you have been following us it will not have escaped you just how important we believe the organization Conservatives Concerned About The Death Penalty to be. We have read about their work and successes in other states, Wyoming being the example we have cited. And we wondered why not in Alabama? Well it looks as though last week we got a little closer to seeing this dream become a reality. So please stay tuned, especially if you live in the Birmingham area.

Esther has been invited to speak to the Valley, AL Kiwanis next Wednesday. Our thanks to the local library for facilitating this opportunity!

We continue to thank anonymous donors who gave by going to our website and using the “donate” button and of course also those who gave directly. We also thank all those who recently joined our Facebook page.  Our thanks to all who believe in what we do and stand with us. You make a difference!