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Weekly Report from othe Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.29.20

Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison 4.29.20


The experts tell us that mental health is especially important during these stressful times and so we are fortunate that we have other things to focus on besides the pandemic.  For example we have been working hard making sure the word gets out on recent potentially helpful death penalty rulings to all on death row, whether members of our organization or not. We are emphasizing and practicing that it is important to call one’s attorney with new developments. Yes, the attorney may be a little harder to reach, the office may be closed, but the important thing is to persist until he/she is reached. We appreciate that we can point our attorneys in the direction of the Death Penalty Information Center for the specifics of the rulings. This is important as many of our attorneys are pro-bono out of state attorneys whose specialty may not be capital law.


Another topic discussed was the various requests Esther receives from out of state inmates for our newsletter Wings of Hope. The most recent ones were from CA and from a federal prison inmate in CO. Newsletters have gone out to them and they will join other inmates from N.C. TX, GA and CA on our mailing list. We wonder how word of us gets out?


We heard from our friend and supporter Toby Lafferty founder of “Books Inside” in Utah. Apparently the current need to sequester prompted her and her co-workers to write reflections on the year-round sequestering in prison. We look forward to her book and hope to be able to quote from it. Meanwhile we appreciate her encouraging and kind words to us:

“As I keep up on all that you and Project Hope are doing, I find your thoughts, viewpoints, and experiences wise and guiding. My thanks and gratitude to all of you. Toby.”


The topic of masks for inmates has been in the news. We believe that the wearing of masks should be enforced and are proud and delighted at the creativity of some of our members. They have turned some of the masks into works of art. A great example of turning a negative into a positive!


And so as we continue to do our best to keep things positive in here we encourage you to do the same out there, to take good care of yourselves and to stay safe!