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Anthony Tyson



                                                                 ON THE INSIDE 12.8.16

 I saw the news report at 5:00 p.m. announcing that there had not been any news on Ron. The USSC had not made a decision on his appeal. A lot of speculation was going around about the strategic move that his lawyers had made, and we also had faith in the same system that a month ago had given a stay to Thomas Arthur on similar issues.

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10 KEYS by Anthony Tyson


Anthony Tyson is a member of our Board of Directors and the Assistant Coordinator. He teaches a law class, which is so much more than a law class. I asked him to send me what he calls The 10 Keys, empowering wisdom he passes on to the men. It is my intention to publish them on our face book page because they really are invaluable…and now I will give him the word!

I call them Keys, as a key to a door..if you use them correctly, they will open doors for you in one way or another. Here they are:

1) Your lawyers are as good as you make them.

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