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Christopher T. Johnson

Christopher T. Johnson, 10.20.11



We are sad to announce that the State of Alabama took the life of Christopher T. Johnson tonight at Holman Prison. Our thoughts and prayers are with Christopher Johnson’s family members, who are also the murder victim’s family.

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Attorney Jack Carney to Governor Bentley on behalf of Christopher T. Johnson


Honorable Governor Robert Bentley
State Capitol N 104
11 S. Union St. # 600
Montgomery, AL 36130-2751

 Re: Mr.  Christopher T. Johnson

Dear Governor Bentley, 

I am writing to ask you to commute the death sentence of Christopher Johnson, who is scheduled for execution on October 20, 2011.  You have a tremendous opportunity to offer unsolicited mercy, as it is evident that Mr. Johnson will not be requesting clemency.

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John Earl to the Governor on behalf of Christopher T. Johnson


Even though Christopher T. Johnson has asked the Court to impose the death penalty it is still reprehensible that the State of Alabama participates in state killing.

There is no correlation between the use of the death penalty and the lessening of homicides. It can only exist because of a culture that supports killing for revenge.

The death penalty is not imposed in most of the nations in the world.

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AL Supreme Court Set October 20th As Execution Date for Christopher T. Johnson


Christopher Johnson, who represented himself at his own trial, gave up his appeals in May, stating that he did not want any pusued on his behalf.

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